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hills healthy development large
Hill's Healthy Development Puppy: Large Breed with Chicken
  • From R 309.00
Winter Dog Fleece
  • From R 46.00
Montego Classic Adult
Montego Classic Adult Dry Dog Food
  • From R 65.00
Virbac Veggiedent
Virbac Veggiedent FR3SH [A Natural Plant Based Chewy Treat Alternative]
  • From R 110.00


Royal Canin Yorkshire Adult
  • R 214.00
  • From R 174.00
Equigroomer 5-inch for Pets [and Horses] Grooming Tool
  • R 399.00
Hills Puppy Mini
Hills Healthy Development Puppy: Small & Mini Breed with Chicken
  • From R 205.00
Premium Recipe Large Adult
Ultra Dog Premium Recipe Large Adult Dry Dog Food
  • From R 573.00
Drontal Wormer
Drontal Wormer for Dogs [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 18.00
Monty & Me Essential
Montego Monty & Me Essential All Breed Adult Dry Dog Food
  • From R 40.50
Ultra Dog Joint Health
Ultra Dog Special Diet Joint Health Dry Dog Food
  • From R 237.00
Kyron Pet Dent Finger Toothbrush for Pets
  • R 31.00
Hills Adult Mini Breed with Lamb & Rice
  • From R 209.00

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Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken
Hills Adult Mature 7+ Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken, Carrots & Spinach Stew canned Dog Food
  • R 49.00
Perfect Weight Medium Breed
Hills Adult Perfect Weight: Medium Breed with Chicken
  • R 1,165.00
Hills Sensitive Stomach & Skin: Small & Mini Breed with Chicken
  • From R 205.00
Nexgard Spectra Purple
NexGard Spectra [Choose by your Dog's Weight] Sold per Tablet
  • From R 145.00
Montego Classic Puppy Large
Montego Classic Puppy: Large/Giant Breed
  • From R 85.00
NexGard Chewable Tablet
Nexgard Chewable Tablet [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 106.00
Hills Sensitive Stomach
Hills Sensitive Stomach & Skin: Medium & Large Breed with Chicken
  • From R 345.00
Royal Canin Maxi Puppy
  • From R 499.00


Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy
  • R 1,175.00
  • From R 402.22
Royal Canin Yorkshire Adult Pouch
  • R 208.28
Chuckit classic ball launcher
Chuckit! Classic Medium Ball Launcher -26M
  • R 269.00