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Acrisulph Ointment
  • R 67.00
Advantix for Dogs [Ticks and Fleas] - [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 137.00
Advocate for Dogs
Advocate for Dogs: Flea, Heartworm & Worm Treatment [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 80.00
Afrivet Copronat Dogs
Afrivet Copronat for Dogs
  • R 583.00
Anima Strath Elixir
Anima-Strath Elixir Natural Pet Food Supplement [100ml]
  • R 137.00
Anima Strath Granules
Anima-Strath Granules Natural Pet Food Supplement [100g]
  • R 252.00
Arnica Ice
Arnica Ice Cooling Gel
  • R 80.00
Avert Bitter Solution
Avert Bitter Solution
  • R 158.00
Bravecto Chew
Bravecto Chew for Dogs
  • From R 299.00
Bravecto Spot On
Bravecto Spot On for Dogs
  • From R 360.00
Canigest Pre-biotic and Probiotic for Dogs and Cats
  • From R 185.00
GCS Joint Care Advanced
Cipla Vet GCS Joint Care Advanced Liquid for Dogs Chicken Flavour
  • R 325.00

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Credelio (lotilaner) for Tick and Fleas [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 82.00
Dermavet Wound Cream
Dermavet Wound Cream
  • From R 112.00
Diomec Plus Paste
Diomec Plus Paste for Dogs & Cats
  • From R 189.00
Drontal Wormer
Drontal Wormer for Dogs [Sold per Tablet]
  • From R 18.00
Pill Dispenser
Easy to use Pill Dispenser for Dogs and Cats
  • R 75.00
Efazol Nutritional Aid
Efazol Nutritional Aid
  • From R 158.00
F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment
F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment
  • From R 72.00
Frontline Plus
Frontline Plus Single for Dogs
  • From R 89.00
Frontline Spray Doga Cats
Frontline Plus Spray for Dogs and Cats
  • From R 258.00
Gerivet Ageing Supplement
Gerivet Ageing Supplement for Dogs & Cats
  • R 188.00
Kyron Pet Dent Finger Toothbrush for Pets
  • R 31.00
Kyron Pet Nursing Kit
Kyron Pet Nursing Kit for small breeds 60ml
  • R 82.00