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SKU: Pawise Floss & Toss Chew Rope 4 Knots 36"

Pawise Floss & Toss Chew Rope With 4 Knots

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Size: 91.4cm


A knotted rope toy for dogs is a popular type of chew toy that is made from twisted rope. The rope is tied in knots to create a toy that is durable and can withstand heavy chewing.

Dogs enjoy playing with rope toys because they can chew on them, tug on them, and use them to play games of fetch. Rope toys can also be helpful for promoting dental health, as the fibers of the rope can help to clean the teeth and massage the gums as the dog chews.

The size of the toy should also be appropriate for your dog's size and strength. It is also important to supervise your dog's use of the toy to ensure that they do not swallow any small parts or become entangled in the rope.

Overall, a knotted rope toy can be a great addition to your dog's toy collection, providing them with a fun and interactive way to play and exercise while also promoting dental health.