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SKU: Duo Tox Liquid 125ml

Duo Tox Dual Action Toxin Absorbent Liquid for Dogs Cats and Exotics

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Duo Tox Liquid is a technological feed additive designed to aid in the treatment of poisoning cases in dogs, cats and exotic animals. It offers dual-action toxin absorption for a rapid response to toxic incidents. Poisonings can be life-threatening, underscoring the importance of immediate veterinary attention.

Who the Product is for

Duo Tox Liquid is specifically formulated for dogs, cats, and exotic animals. It is an essential addition to a pet owners first aid arsenal for addressing poisoning incidents.

Key Benefits
  • Dual-action toxin absorbent
  • Rapid response in poisoning cases
  • Effective for dogs, cats and exotic animals

Directions for Use

This product should be administered under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian who can assess the unique symptoms and needs of each animal. Please follow the veterinarian’s guidance for the correct dosage and administration.


WEIGHT                    AMOUNT

<10 kg                      30 ml

10 kg to 20 kg           60 ml

20 kg to 30 kg           90 ml

30 kg to 40 kg           125ml


Storage Instructions

Store Duo Tox Liquid in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.



Each ml contains

Activated charcoal..250 mg
Diosmectite..166,7 mg



Activated charcoal, diosmectite, sorbitol, curcumin, piperine, glycerine, purified water.




Plastic Bottle with Nozzle.