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Load image into Gallery viewer, Slip Lead for Dogs Small
Load image into Gallery viewer, Slip Lead for Dogs Small
Load image into Gallery viewer, Slip Lead for Dogs Small
Load image into Gallery viewer, Slip Lead for Dogs Small
Load image into Gallery viewer, Slip Lead for Dogs Small

SKU: Rope Slip Lead Small-Black

Slip Lead for Dogs Small

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The small slip lead is 1.6m long and has a 7mm thickness.

The rope slip leads are colourful and come with an attractive ornamental Turks Head.  They are available in different two thicknesses and different colours to suit small, medium or large dogs.

A slip lead is a type of dog leash that combines the functionality of a collar and a leash in one piece. It is a simple and versatile tool that is commonly used for training, walking, and controlling dogs.

    Available Colours:

    • Dark Blue
    • Green
    • Black
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Sky Blue

    Our slip leads are made from nylon. It forms a loop at one end that can be easily slipped over a dog's head, creating a collar and leash in one.


    • Slip leads are adjustable, allowing for a snug fit around the dog's neck without the need for a separate collar.
    • The slip feature allows for quick and easy on/off, making it convenient for dog owners.
    Training Aid:
    • Slip leads are often used as training tools, particularly for teaching loose leash walking.
    • When the dog pulls, the slip lead tightens slightly, providing gentle feedback. As the dog stops pulling, the pressure is released, reinforcing positive behaviour.
    • Slip leads provide a higher level of control, especially with dogs that may be prone to slipping out of traditional collars.
    • They are commonly used in situations where close control is necessary, such as in busy or crowded areas.


    • Slip leads are versatile and can be used for various activities, including walks, training sessions, and obedience exercises.
    • They are particularly popular for activities like agility training, where quick and easy control is essential.
    Safety Considerations:
    • While slip leads can be effective training tools, it's important to use them properly to avoid causing discomfort or injury to the dog.
    • Owners should ensure that the slip lead is properly fitted and used with caution, especially if the dog is prone to pulling.
    When using a slip lead, it's crucial to follow proper training techniques and ensure that the lead is appropriately fitted to avoid any discomfort or harm to the dog. Consulting with a professional dog trainer can provide valuable guidance on the correct usage of slip leads for training purposes.