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Ultrum Tick and Flea Powder for Dogs and Cats

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  • For severe infestations, Ultrum Powder should be used every 4 days.
  • Ultrum Tick and Flea Powder is 100% safe and pleasant smelling.

Ultrum Powder Tick and Flea contains Propoxur in a perfumed talc base, packed in a powder shaker — for the control of fleas, ticks, feather mites, red mites and lice on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and birds, including cage birds and poultry. It is safe for use on rabbits.

When should Ultrum Powder be used?
Ultrum Tick and Flea Powder is cost effective and can be used regularly to keep flea infestations at bay (it is recommended to use it in conjunction with other flea  and tick remedies in the Ultrum Range).

How does it work?
Ultrum Powder is a perfumed talc containing propoxur. Propoxur works by penetrating the nervous system of the flea and inhibiting further growth.

How do you use it?
Dust liberally and work well into the coat of the dog, cat, puppy or kitten. Also dust powder onto bedding and sleeping area. Repeat every six to seven days. In severe infestations repeat treatment every four days. For birds and poultry: hold bird by legs and lightly powder from above (take care not to over-expose birds to the fine powder – excessive dusting may result in suffocation).

100g powder shaker

Store in a cool place (below 25°C)